The first cryptocurrency created by and for construction workers

We build a cryptocurrency, constructed it from code, and now we present you world's first cryptocurrency build with construction workers.

  •  BOUWcoin is created to promote construction work for young people.
  •  We want to give young people a chance to make a career in the construction sector.
  •  Construction is one of the most innovative sectors!
  •  Use our easy swap panel to buy or sell your BOUW.
  •  Presale period will launch any time soon now! Keep checking this site for a date!

Demonstrating how construction can be innovative and a frontrunner in technology



BOUWCOIN is a easy to use cryptocurrency, build on the ethereum and bitcoin-sv blockchain, and so adopts the large ethereum ecosystem

Easy Wallets

Any ethereum wallet, we recommend metamask, is able to hold BOUW


Check out our own swap exchange for swapping ETH or BSV for BOUW

Easy Swap

Use the swap interface on this site to buy BOUW, or visit ecosystem for other exchange options.

Tokens for Work

BOUW represents the construction worker, and tries to build a new currency, a new world.

Easy Money

BOUW is a serious cryptocurrency, that will grow, and gives its holders to possibility to make money.

Tokens for Swap

BOUW will be part of a larger token universe, we are building a NFT based token, that will be backed and realised by BOUW.



Why invest in BOUW?

Construction Carrier

Investing in BOUW is investing in education for young people, who like a career in construction.

Growing Wealth

BOUW is a fast-growing cryptocurrency, so holding them in a wallet, can bring wealth to its holder.

BOUW Innovation

BOUW is build on top of two large blockchains, Ethereum and Bitcoin-SV, it has the foundation of a stablecoin, so that enterprise applications can be build on BOUW.

BOUW creates new oppurtunitites

Part of the tokens created will be invested in schools that teach construction work to young people.



Our team is made up of professionals with a diverse range of expertise, including software development, cryptography, and finance. We are united by our passion for blockchain technology and our belief in the potential of cryptocurrency to change the way we think about money and value.

At the helm of our team is a seasoned CEO with a background in construction sector and a proven track record of entrepreneurship. 

In addition to our leadership team, we have a dedicated group of developers, researchers, and advisors working tirelessly to bring our vision to life. With a diverse and talented team on board, we are confident in our ability to make a significant impact in the cryptocurrency space.


Victor B.

- Entrepeneur

- Businessman

- CEO of the construction


- Leading force behind the Bouw

- Started the idea of

   Bouwcoin token

General Employee

Rik B.

- Social Media

- Promotion

Management Assistance

Rachelle D.

- Administration

- Finance

- Legal

- Social Media

- Promotion & Design
- Advertisement 

General Employee

Mohamed A. 

- Research

- Promotion 

Technical Team 

Vatche M.

- Bouwcoin IT-Support (General)

- Cryptocurrency IT

   support technician

- Crypto (Bouwcoin)

   support specialist

- Bouwcoin troubleshooter

- Bouwcoin technical support                     representative

- Cyber Security

General Employee

Theo J. 

- Research

- Advisor

Technical Team

Marcel S.

- Programmer

- Software Developer

Digital currency system       support specialist

General Employee

Resie B. 

- Research

- Promotion


Presented by the Construction company from  the South of the Netherlands:

Beterbouw Limburg BV


Overbroek 40
6247 EN Gronsveld
the Netherlands

Phone:   +31 6 5151 5660

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